GnuPG on BeOS

Werner Koch
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 10:01:30 +0100

 On Sat, Dec 25, 1999 at 07:04:31PM -0500
 L. Sassaman wrote:

> Okay, I have GPG running on my BeOS 4.5.2 system, except that it has no
> way of gathering entropy. If anyone wants to make a POSIX compatable
> entropy gathering tool that is GPG friendly, and doesn't rely on access to
> raw sockets, drop me a note.
There is one in Peter Gutmann's cryptlib which can be used for GnuPG. cipher/rndunix.c is also based on the Unix version of the cryptlib entropy gatherer. -- Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013 Boycott Amazon! -