RSA & IDEA Howto (Was Re: Signing (with) old pgp 2 keys)

Remi Guyomarch
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:28:43 +0200

On Tue, Jul 20, 1999 at 12:57:10PM +0200, Michael Roth wrote:

> Currently it is not possible to create PGP 2.6 compliant signatures with
> GnuPG. However, you could decrypt and verify messages signed with PGP 2.6
> using GnuPG without problems. The reason is that GnuPG doesn't use
> tempfiles which were necessary to create PGP 2.6 compliant signatures. To
> check such signatures it isn't necessary to use tempfiles. However, their
> is work on a frontend to GnuPG in progress which will create PGP 2.6
> compliants signatures. Please note: This tool is not yet finished.
> You could not create convetionally encrypted messages readable for PGP 2.6
> nor could you decrypt such messages created from PGP 2.6 with GnuPG.
I patched GnuPG to solve these issues. For various reasons (see and this patch won't be integrated into GnuPG. But I still maintain it for my own usage. I can email to anyone requesting it the diff between the current GnuPG and my version (don't try the patch in my original message).