Jason Gunthorpe
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 14:32:32 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Jonathan Cantrell wrote:

> The problem is, GnuPG doesn't trust the key I imported so it prompts to
> ask me if I want to use this key even though it isn't trusted. Well, I'm
> not smart enough to write a script that calls gpg and then chooses 'y'
> when prompted. Running it with the default --yes doesn't work for this.
> I've done everything I can think of to get it to trust the key, but I
> still can't figure out how. I've edited the key, imported trust,
> updated trust, it still shows up as untrusted (except when I edit it,
> then it shows full trust).
Use the --always-trust option Jason