Tue, 29 Jun 1999 12:43:31 +0100 (WET DST)

Jippy I got the packaged compiled.

The automake scripts has a bug somewhere which did not allow me to compile
the software with the internal zlib, if I did not have a zlib on my machine.

did a ./configure --with-included-zlib
went to zlib
removed the -lz from the makefile
and did a 'make libzlib.a'

went to tools, removed the -lz from that makefile

went to g10 and replaced the -lz with -l../libzlib.a

and did a make/make install.

Ok hope you have that fixed in next release.

Something different.

I was trying to incoporate the gpg with my mailer. But i keep running into
your strange interface. The thing is, I don't get your redirection sceme.
Well I get it, but don't like it ;-)

Would it not be very handy to call gpg just as is, and see plain text as
output? Even if the input file is not a encrypted file.

And the encryption syntax forces me to print the plain text file (via
cat and pipe) and only then will I get my encrypted file on screen.

I would realy like to see some standaard unix interface here. Which is:
use stdin if no file is given. Use stdout if no redirection or '-o' is

I hope that with this I don't start up a discussion which has been closed
allready sometime ago..

Would anyone care to comment on this.

Thomas Zander                                      
History repeats itself, it has to, nobody ever listens