[newbie] GnuGP without keyring???

Ron Brogden rb@islandnet.com
Thu, 27 May 1999 18:24:19 -0700

Howdy.  I am hoping there is a solution to my problem via GnuPG so here
goes. . .

I realize that the whole concept of a "keyring" makes sense for a single
user but in a multi-user scenario it seems bass-ackwards.  What I would
like to be able to do is have a user upload their public key and then,
without having to add their key to a keyring do something like:

data | ggp -e -usingkey /home/someuser/some_public_key | mail someuser

The idea is that the user uploads their own public key and we use it to
send them form output from a webserver.  The whole goal here is to make
sure that the data is not accessible while in transit and since the user is
only encrypting data to be sent back to themselves, having it on a central
keyring is pointless and cumbersome.  With multiple web servers you would
have to have multiple keyrings and there is not really anything gained by
adding their key to some arbitrary keyring first.  All the user cares about
is that if some miscreant gets hold of their data along the way that it is

Is this possible with current gpg implementations? 

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.  
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