encrypt algorythm with password

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:36:41 +0100

zentara <zentara@gnat.net> writes:

> "Gabor Z. Papp" wrote:

> > Or maybe I'm wrong, and I can store without any risc my
> > secring on insecure hosts, and without the password
> > unusable?
It does not make sense to protect anything by a software or hardware on a box which is insecure - you can trust the program running there even if you have compiled it yourself.
> Also the encryption has been rumored to be cracked, but not by the
> average hacker.
There is a program available which cracks the pkzip encryption. Just get it and run it - it may take up to a few days but it works. It's about 3000 lines of C, named "pkcrack", written by Peter Conrad and you have to send him a Postcard if you use it. Ah yes, it returns the key so you have to run it only ones in some cases. -- Werner Koch at guug.de www.gnupg.org keyid 621CC013