Problem loading rsa / idea / skipjack extensions into gpg 1.0 on Solaris 7

Lars Hecking
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:50:44 +0000


> Ok. I did exactly what you did and still have the same problem.
> Here are some differences though. I don't have zlib.h or libz.a in
> /usr/local/<insert-dir-here> nor anywhere else on my system except the
> version included with GPG 1.0.0 itself. Where did you get yours? I wonder
> if the lack of the prescribed library and header file is causing the
> problem? I have been using --with-included-zlib during the configure.
That is fine. Makes no difference at all. The canonical location for zlib is
> I'm using gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release). I noticed yours
> is one rev newer than mine. Could this be suspect also?
Nope. As you write in the other mail, the linker is the problem. Casper H. Dik's Solaris 2 FAQ 6.1 says "You should not use GNU as or GNU ld".