What are fingerprints?

Michael Fischer v. Mollard mfvm@gmx.de
30 Nov 1999 11:40:07 +0100

Jonas Steverud <d4jonas@dtek.chalmers.se> writes:

> What is the use of fingerprints? I couldn't find anything in the
> documentation.
fingerprints are something like a hash value of a key: A short, unique number. It is intended to use a fingerprint to verify that the key belongs to the user given in the Key ID: If you can communicate over a secure line, eg, via phone, you may compare the fingerprints of the key. Other possibility: The public key of a newspaper publisher: It may be printed in the newspaper, and you can simply check whether the public key from the keyserver is the correct one comparing the fingerprints. (You don't want to check the whole key, eve if it is printed out :-)) -- MfG MFvM Microsoft has the right to create any changes to its OS and prodcuts. It is not a monopoly because ther are compaines like Linux, Unix and Apple. (Consumer voice aus dem Freedom to Innovate Network)