How to apply a revocation certificate?

Florian Jenn
Tue, 5 Oct 1999 01:54:24 +0200

Werner Koch schrieb am Sonntag 03.10.99, 19:15:43 (+0200):

> Florian Jenn <> writes:

> > Yet I'm still able to encrypt to this key and `gpg --with-colon --list-keys'
> > doesn't show `r' in the second field (according to doc/DETAILS).
> Yes, you found a bug. I'm going to fix this soon.
One more question: is it a bug in the creation of the revocation certificate or is it in applying it? I.e. is my revocation certificate valid? Thanks for your help! FJ PS: Sorry Werner for replying directly to you instead of to the list! -- ========================================================================== Florian Jenn reg. Linux User 66363 | ``It needs but one foe to breed | a war, not two, Master Warden. | And those who have not swords can get file keys.html for public keys | still die upon them.'' -- Éowyn ==========================================================================