How to apply a revocation certificate?

Matt Price - PerthWeb
Tue, 05 Oct 1999 16:15:18 +0800

I've using a form handler called Simple Secure which is based on Matt
Wright's form handler. After a wee bit of fiddling I got it happily encrypt
emails that are sent on to me. Only drama is, the keys I created using
Gnupg on the server, don't seem to translate well across to PGP freeware
6.5 on my Windows box. It recognises the public key, but says the private
key is corrupted.

Any ideas why? It's using the DSA & El Galmal encryption on the server end,
which is running Redhat with Gnupg 1.0.0 And I can't change what version my
ISP is using easily, :)


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