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Jonas Steverud
07 Oct 1999 12:26:15 +0200

Werner Koch <> writes:

> Jonas Steverud <> writes:
> > > and he says he can't encrypt using my key ("No algorithm available
> > > that all keys support.").
> Send 2 messages: One to the respients with a PGP2 key and one to the
> others.
PGP5. Sorry for that error. But how do I get him to be able to encrypt to me (sorry if that was unclear) using my GPG-key? (I can encypt to him and he can read my encrypted mails [using his PGP5-key].) I got one idea: When I read the documentation there are some talking about second keys. Is it possible (I don't claim to have understood anything of the documentation) to have one gpg-public-key and one pgp5-public-key, then distribute them both and then having gpg to automatically understand which secret key to use? (I will use Mailcrypt and Gnus.) Is it possible for one secret key have two public keys (one for gpg and one for pgp)? If I have two secret keys (one GPG and one PGP) (and GPG automatically/by command line determines which to use) but the same passphrase to them both. How much is the security broken? I do understand that it aint very secure but how inscure is it? The point here is that I won't see/know which key he uses - it is IMHO irrelevant. Do I make myself clear? If you think I sounds confused you're probably right. I know too little to be able to form my quiestion properly. The whole problem seems to be that a PGP5-user can't encrypt his mails to me using my GPG-key. <URL:> gave some answers but I'm not sure it is the Right Thing. Doing that sounds (to me) that I will use free software to live in a propetary world - but I want to be Free(R). (Hopefully I'm not in luser-mode but I'm entirely new to the whole concept of [pg][gp][pg].) TIA. /Jonas, wants to become unreadable -- ( Jonas Steverud @ ! Wei Wu Wei ) ( U2MoL, Roleplaying, LaTeX, Emacs/Gnus, SCWM, etc. ! To Do Without Do )