GPG for Windows

Werner Koch
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:59:18 +0200

Eugene Cheipesh <> writes:

> somehow open source seems more secure. But anyway, I was wondering why it
> was insecure? Is it because of the random number generation? Is there any
> effort under way to make it secure? What is the time frame for that?
Well, we are "programmers without deadlines"[1] ;-) At least this is true for all unpayed work. There are some minor problems with the Win32 port which should be fixed quite soon. There is a new random number generator for Win32 and we think this one can be used - however, we don't have any experience with it and therefore we won't say it is secure. You can use the current version for checking signatures and for encrypting mail. If you want to use your secret key (decrypt, sign) you need good random to not leak out the secret key - I won't give you an advice on that. Werner [1] AFAIK, this term was coined by the author of this fine TOM language: -- Werner Koch at keyid 621CC013