key different in gpg 1.0?

J Horacio MG Horacio <>
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 17:03:53 +0200 dijo:

> Hello,
> I just upgraded to vesion 1.0 of gpg from .9.5 and my key is different.
> After installing 1.0, I did an export of my key and it was much longer than
> the key from the prior version. why is this? does the old key still work
> with stuff i encrypt with version 1?
Why did you `export' your key? Doesn't 1.0 work with 0.9.x keyfiles? Anyway, for key exporting, the key must be edited first, is there anything that could be changed and consequently change the key size? Regards -- Horacio Valencia - ESPAŅA