email client

J Horacio MG Horacio <>
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 21:28:58 +0200

John Watson dijo:

> Hello,
> I recently installed GPG and am contemplating how to get the most
> from it.
> My current email client is Netscape Mail. I know of no
> easy way to integrate GPG into this client. For this reason, I
> would like to ask for suggestions on a new email client.
> When sending mail, an internal list of email addresses is checked.
> If this email address is marked as belonging to someone on your
> keyring, encrypt the message using the recipient's public key.
Interesting... I've never set the pgp_autoencrypt variable in mutt, but I guess it should work roughly that way... no key, no encryption ... makes sense, right? I mean, if it's meant to call gnupg for encryption of every outgoing mail, it should do it providing the public key of the recipient is in your keyring, else, it shouldn't encrypt (how would it?). Besides, it's always possible to resort to hooks with mutt. Therfore: mutt!!!
> When receiving mail, encrypted messages are automatically decrypted
> using your GPG keyring.
mutt does indeed. Other than that, there's the pgp_replyencrypt (and pgp_replysign) variable, so that answering to an encrypted (or signed) incoming mail will result in an encrypted (or signed) outcoming mail. There was another variable... pgp_replysignencrypted, but I believe that one's broken. HTH, -- Horacio Valencia - ESPAŅA