Windows and GnuPG

J Horacio MG Horacio <>
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 01:59:26 +0200

Matthew Cordes dijo:

> Some people I write to complain that they recieve messages from me that
> appear to have two attachments (or perhaps parts) one is the actual message
> while the other is a *.dat file (GnuPG signing information). Both people
> use a combination of Pegasus Mail and/or Outlook Express. Is it typical of
> Windows email clients to do strange things like this? I've tried it myself
> with outlook express and it does infact claim a GnuPG message has two parts,
> both of which it cannot identify, but I am given the option to open. The
> *.txt file is the message while the *.dat is the hash.
I've heared of that before, and can't remember what i was due to. It would be logical to think that their mailers (yours included since you're using windoze o.e.) are not handling MIME types properly (or they didn't configure it properly).
> Does this always happen with GnuPG? PGP?
Most definately not. I use GnuPG for signing quite often, and encrypting rarely, and don't have those problems. But then again, my mailer is mutt!
> Is it the fault of Outlook Express (and perhaps Pegasus Mail)?
I'd say so... or the user's fault.
> Can I do anything to ensure that people who recieve messages from
> me receive the message as a I intended?
Since you're using o.e. yourself, and you're not having those problems, check your configuration and compare it with your friends'. Or better still, get a better O.S. -> mailer -> etc. (sorry, just had to say this) Regards, -- Horacio Valencia - ESPAŅA