Decryption problem

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 13:47:45 -0300

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Matthew Harrell wrote:

> Nevermind. Once I just realized that my key was RSA I checked in the docs and
> found that GnuPG doesn't use RSA.
No but there's a plugin which allows just that. Credit goes to Bodo Möller ( <quote> You need the separate RSA module, which is not part of GnuPG for patent reasons (which only apply to the USA). The URL is ftp// Compile it (the gcc command line that you need is given in a comment in that file), move the resulting file to /usr/local/lib/gnupg/rsa, add the line "load-extension rsa" to your ~/.gnupg/options file, and those keys should become usable. </quote>
> : I'm trying to move from PGP 5.0 to GnuPG but I'm having problems
> : decrypting emails that work fine with PGP. For instance, here's the output
> : I get in mutt when I try to read such a message:
> --
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