clearsign problem ith GnuPG 1.0

Werner Koch
Wed, 22 Sep 1999 10:05:40 +0200


I found the problem (and detected another minor glitch).

Two cases:

  1. When you use --digest-algo SHA1 together with only old RSA 
     keys, gpg didn't insert the "Hash: SHA1" because it accidently
     assumed you wnt a PGP 2 compatible signature.

  2. When you used --rfc1991, the Hash lines were suppressed in
     all cases.  Now this option will suppress the hash header line
     only in certain cases.

I fixed both things and they will show up soon.  As a workaround you 
can insert the "Hash: SHA1" header yourself or don't use --digest-algo

Werner Koch at            keyid 621CC013