PGP compatibility
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 20:03:22 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, R. Jackson wrote:

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> > >From my understanding, it's all in the keys. GPG keys work with PGP, but
> > the RSA keys in PGP don't work in GPG (because they are covered under
> > patents). As long as you stick with DSS keys, you'll be fine.
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> > Phil
> But what if I receive an RSA key from a PGP user? Other than asking
> him/her for a DSS key (provided he/she's created one), is there anything
> I can do to use such a key with GPG?
To my understanding, there isn't much you can do if you really want to stick with GPG but still use RSA keys. If you are using this stuff for non-profit purposes, you can use RSA's pgp for Linux ( Or, you could try to buy it from McAfee or Network Associates. The odd thing is that I had a tough time trying to find a commercial version of PGP for Linux. I needed it for work a while ago, but never found a place which sold it for Linux.... so, I just went w/ GPG instead (no RSA keys was OK for my use). ....which leads me to the suggestion: Why not use the freeware version of PGP for commercial use? The license says to buy the commercial version for profit uses, but it doesn't seem to exist! Who's around to press charges (hasn't RSA been bought out a couple times [McAfee and Network Associates?]), and what could they do (i.e., what motivation would they have?). Phil ------------------------------------------------------------ Philip Edelbrock -- IS Manager -- Edge Design, Corvallis, OR -- PGP F16: 01 D2 FD 01 B5 46 F4 F0 3A 8B 9D 7E 14 7F FB 7A