Want to use GPG + CGI + MUTT (MAIL)

Walter Truitt Walter.Truitt@usa.alcatel.com
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:49:30 -0500

>>>>> "Anne" == Anne Schubert <as@w4u.com> writes:
Anne> My apache server encrypts succesfully form_data I want to Anne> send to our customer via email. The problem is: sending the Anne> encrypted text via perl mail pipe command does not generate Anne> the mail headers necessary for the mailer (mutt etc.) to Anne> recognize that the text is encrypted and automatically Anne> decrypt it. The message can be decrypted on command line Anne> without problem. But I want the mailer to do it for our Anne> customers. Anne> Any ideas? Since you have posted your question so many times you have my interest. First I don't use perl or mutt, but I have a web server and perl and probably mutt installed on my machine. I also have just now created a key (and installed GnuPG), so my thoughts are related to the way my pgp works rather than gpg. When I sign my mail (and I would imagine encryption works the same way) it uses the header of the mail in the mime formatting. I have some sort of bourne shell script that creates the mime message as multipart/encrypted. This script was downloaded from the net some time back, and could probably still be found if you are interested. What this script does I believe is to modify a mime message to encrypt it and/or sign it replacing the original. Then when it is completed (I use emacs for mail), I read it in and send it on its way. Is this something you are looking for? -walter