gpg and xcmail

Walter Truitt
Tue, 28 Sep 1999 16:56:59 -0500

I went and was unable to find the xforms libraries for any platform (I
wanted to try it on Solaris, but there is a Linux machine nearby).

Related, (sorta), in the html documentation that was in the package
(gph / GNU Privacy Handbook) there was a place marker for adding gpg
to mail programs.  This was really what I am interested in reading
about.  The examples I have read looked alot like the early pgp style
text messages where the message is sent in a text/plain section.

My guess is that it is really to be used with the pgp-mime style as
well.  There has been some documentation on making gpg understand the
same commandline arguments as pgp... is this the recommended route?


>>>>> "WW" == William X Walsh <> writes:
WW> On 28-Sep-99 steganos wrote: >> Or can u recomend a gui mail proggie that will work with gpg? WW>