Windows and Gnupg

David Friedman
Sun, 09 Apr 2000 18:33:30 -0400

    I run gpg under linux and I love it. I also have a Windows box that
I wanted to put gpg on. I did only to find a few problems. This
command(gpg -a --export David > c:\david.asc) makes a key file the gpg
can't recongnize while this command(gpg -a --export David -o
c:\david.asc) make an odd looking(at the bottom) keyfile that works. It
seems to use a linux-style LF line break insteal of CRLF.. Also their
appears to be a problem with the keyserver part of the code. Are there
any plans to bring the windows gpg beyond alpha stage? Maybe a gui. If
not I'm gonna try to work on a windows frontend under VB6.0 once I
better understand the Windows version. Thanks for all your help.

when is 1.0.2 due?

David Friedman (