request for input on name of GnuPG Perl module

Frank Tobin
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 03:55:13 -0500 (CDT)

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I'm currently in the process of almost releasing a totally reworked Perl
module to handle GnuPG; it's based off the same IPC-style ( communication
via handles ) as my PGP::GPG::MessageProcessor, but it is more powerful
and better designed (in particular it can fully parse --with-colons
information and can create useful "Key" objects).

Since the interface and powerfulness do much more than "message
processing", I've been tempted to call it PGP::GnuPG::Interface.  
However, the bareword "PGP" is not that good of a choice, I feel, because
it is used to relate to NAI's product, which this module does not support.

OpenPGP::GnuPG::Interface might be okay, but there is the fact that my
module itself doesn't implement OpenPGP; GnuPG does that for me.  
However, "OpenPGP" is a new top-level CPAN directory, so I'm hesitant to
use this, as I plan putting it on CPAN.

Simply GnuPG::Interface also is an option, but once again, GnuPG is a new
top-level CPAN name.

If anyone has comments on these possible names, or has good suggestions,
please let me know.

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Frank Tobin

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