Johan Lundberg
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 12:28:36 +0200 (MET DST)

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Lazarus Long wrote:

>However, I am now curious why the commercial (NAI) PGP doesn't support
>open source Blowfish. But, being a commercial endeavor, I suppose I
>should not care very much what they (NAI) do or do not support. As long
>as GnuPG remains standards-compliant I should be happy. The fact that NAI
>chose to make their product noncompliant with the standard (in another
>manner) is deplorable (in my opinion.) They are certainly not something
>to be emulated.
Ohh.. I thougth that one nice thing with gnupg whas that you should be able to encrypt to and from pgp, gpg and other users without to mush problems. It's a fact that pgp is mush more used than gpg, so i think pgp should be fully compatible with pgp by default (as long as it's not a violation to openPGP). If gpg are to replace pgp (as I understand you wold like?), it would be nice to be as compatible as possible. /johan ___________________________________________ Johan Lundberg HTTP:// Vibblabyv. 28 PGP: 0xD3A0A0E5 17764 Jarfalla B847 687B 8971 0AAC 1C29 +46(0)8-580 17259 DBA1 AB5F 664F D3A0 A0E5