Frank Tobin
Fri, 14 Apr 2000 10:47:51 -0500 (CDT)

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Werner Koch, at 11:49 +0200 on Fri, 14 Apr 2000, wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, L. Sassaman wrote:
> > As it doesn't look like Blowfish is going to be implemented in PGP, I'd
> > like to see GnuPG give the option to exclude it from the preferences when
> > keys are generated in GnuPG.
> No.
Hehehe. Of course, there is _nothing_ stopping Len from editing GnuPG himself, making the modification, releasing, and continuing to track the source, to see if users would prefer his modified version. Mmmm, GPL'd software, crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey in the middle :) - -- Frank Tobin "To learn what is good and what is to be valued, those truths which cannot be shaken or changed." Myst: The Book of Atrus -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.1 (FreeBSD) Comment: pgpenvelope - iEYEARECAAYFAjj3PbMACgkQVv/RCiYMT6N2SwCfbxNWByGIeQoyFQM1WTTToqB6 DdkAoJLBtEWJ80h/buCD6iSP/+V6+kXi =WdYz -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----