Too Dumb to Unsubscribe

Mr. Bad
26 Apr 2000 09:52:54 -0700

>>>>> "PS" == Pierre-Henri SENESI <> writes:
PS> I am no more interrsetd in this list I cannot unsubscribe by PS> the normal ways please unsubcribe me Pierre-Henri, Constantly bombarding the list with unsub*****e messages marks you as a complete Internet shithead. This isn't going to make you any friends, nor is it going to incent people to try and help you out. You should be able to send a message with: unsubscribe <your email address> to "" A common mistake is when you have multiple email addresses, and you try to unsub the wrong address. You might want to check the headers of your gnupg-users messages to see where they're being delivered to. ~Mr. Bad -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\____/\ Mr. Bad <> \ / Pigdog Journal | | RoR - Alucard | (X \x) ( ((**) "What you do in the light/Is reflected in the dark \ <vvv> Leave some doors open/Before you cross over." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~