Gnupg Compilation

Lars Hecking
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 17:31:29 +0100

> you should get the gnu c-compiler/libraries to do yourselve a favour. and
egcs and egcs-derived gcc produce faulty code on Alpha.
> whilst you are at it, include the gnu-make, it will never fail you and it's
> modern, it's "cool". should dec not allow you to do this, use freebsd. if
> you are not familiar with familiarities, use linux. failing that, buy a
> trs80 (radio shack), pet 2001 (commodore) or a violine. cant go wrong with
> that. _NEVER_ windows! it'll make you sick, you won't have children and
> you will always loose your hair!
I must have missed that it's October already ...