forgotten password

Hideki Saito
Wed, 02 Aug 2000 22:04:45 -0700

Basically, if you forget password, you are out of luck.

Of course, you can always analyse it, but that case, you are talking
millions of years on typical PCs if not forever. Brute force may not 
be practical because of "passphrase" which can be long. (Complexity 
increases significantly as digit increases)

Here's more "practical" way; try all password you can come up in 
your mind. Chances are, you can come up with it in couple of 

Good luck.

>I encrypted several documents using PGP, but have since forgotten the
>password that I used. I am now using GnuPG (for windows), and I was
>wondering if there is any program available that I could use to find my
>password. Brute force is the only method that I can think of, but if you
>have any suggestion, please email me.
>Thank you,
>Tom Folino
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