[fwd] --gen-key (Need 300 more bytes) (from: olibode@optushome.com.au)

Anthony David adavid@deetya.gov.au
Tue, 8 Aug 2000 14:14:23 +1000 (EST)

"J. Goodleaf" <goodleaf@goodleaf.net> writes:

> You need to use rndcontrol to set an IRQ to help supply entropy for the
> random number generator.
Thanks for the info. Oliver mailed me back to say he found rndcontrol ref in the list archives. I ommited that reference because he didn't state his OS. In hindsight...
> On most *nixish systems, type vmstat -i
s/most/many/ vmstat -i interrupt total rate -------------------------------- clock 805251215 100 hmec0 819978864 101 fdc0 6603 0 -------------------------------- Total 1625236682 201 But then the above OS (Sol 2.6) needs to to use egd...
> This returns a list of irqs in use. Find an irq (Not clk or rtc) that's
> got a decent rate number.
> Then just type:
> rndcontrol -s 11
> (where irq 11 is getting, say a 35 in the rate column.Fill in the
> irq of your choice, just not clk or rtc.) Once this has been
> done, try generating a key again. It may take a while, depending on the
> size of the key and the rate of entropy generated from the irq you're
> using, but it will work (I think).
> -J
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