GNUPG and PGP FreeWare 6.5.3

Oliver Bode
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 11:24:03 +1000

Ok, I follow steps 1-4 and everything looks like its working.

However, in PGP my signature is corrupt - so I delete it and sign it again

Then I go to encrypt a file using PGP and I find that there are no
recipients in my list. Signing works Ok

What may be going on here?

Thanks, Oliver.

> There is no need to leave the password empty when exporting a GnuPG secret
> key! By default, GnuPG encrypts the secret key using the Blowfish
> algorithm, and PGP 6.5.3 does not understand this algorithm.
> Here is a much more secure solution:
> 1. % gpg --edit-key --s2k-cipher-algo=CAST5 --s2k-digest-algo=SHA1 \
> 2. Change the password (but not to an empty password!). You can just
> change it to what is was before, but gpg will re-encrypt the key
> using an algorithm pgp will understand.
> 3. % gpg --export-secret-key --no-comment KEY-ID > key.asc
> % gpg --export --no-comment KEY-ID >> key.asc
> 4. Import key.asc into pgp and everything should work fine!
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