Getting SPAM because of this list
25 Aug 2000 07:55:01 -0700

When I signed on to this list, I did NOT give my permission to have my private e-mail address broadcast on the web. 

Is everyone here aware that every message posted on the list is being put on the web at ?

And is everyone aware that this web site is being scanned by SPAM robots, and that your e-mail address is being collected and used by these robots to send you SPAM?

To maintain e-mail privacy, it is essential that sites like use one of many different methods to prevent e-mail addresses from being harvested like this.  Some simple methods are to have  MHonArc change "@" to " at ".   There are many more solutions.

Bottom line: protect the subscribers of this list from getting MORE SPAM. 

Contact if you too would like the SPAM robots to not get your address because of this list and its web pages.

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