rsa 1024 bit?

Wed, 30 Aug 2000 22:09:47 +0100

According to Johan Wevers:

> Werner Koch wrote:
> >I never forget IDEA. But using the module available from the FTP
> >server would infringe on the patent in most countries. Therefore it
> >is not usable for most folks.
> I really doubt most folks care.
If your supposition is that most people do not care whether or not they are breaking the law, then I object. It is a serious matter, whether one agrees with said law or not. As the main developer of gnupg, Werner is the person who is most likely to feel the 'long arm of the law' reach out and so his discretion is both understandable and correct. Best Wishes, -- Alastair | | | PGP Key : A9DE69F8 ------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to