Pb decrypting with PGP 6.5.3 and GnuPG

Barry Dexter A. Gonzaga barryg@crosswinds.net
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:53:03 +0800

If you already have code for it (delphi front-end) i could help out. i have delphi experience mostly database stuff and winapi.
because i feel the need in our lab initially for running silent/encrypted maybe eventually to be used by instructors at our college.

i have been almost always at the recieving end of gpl using samba/lprng/gpg/openssh maybe its time to give
something back to the community. sorry for the speech, i really wanna help out.

btw. have u seen the gnome frontend for pgp, maybe we could use it as a user-interface template or something.
again good day to you people.

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On 8/28/00 at 9:57 AM Mr Griffon wrote:

>Well my goal was not so much to use PGP but to provide a GUI to decode GnuPG
>messages under Windows. So far GPA is Unix only, and GnuPG for Windows is
>command-line only. I did a little app with Delphi to help my users, but they
>still have to type their password under a command line every time they need
>to decode something, which is not good when you do that 100 times a day :(
>I know GnuPG has a way to automate decoding with the option passphrase-fd
>but that seems to be only for Unix. So far I quite don't see how to automate
>under Windows (but if someone knows, I'd be cool because making a win32 GUI
>for GnuPG would be really easy and quick with Delphi !)
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