Ashraf Gad
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 18:55:55 -0500

Can we use GPG to decrypt any file using batch mode .. i.e . I do not want
to manually enter the passphrase. I need to store it in a file and pass the
file name in my options.

  Ex :

 When I Encrypt my file I use :

 gpg.exe  --output [Filename.gpg] --recipient [name]   Filename.txt

  where : Filename.txt is my original file
             Filename.gpg is my encrypted file
             name is my key name

Now When I'm decrypting my file, I need to do the following

gpg.exe --output [Filename.txt]  --decrypt    ????? Filename.key

  where : Filename.txt  is my decrypted file
             Filename.gpg is my encrypted file
             Filename.key is my passphrase stored in a file

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