GnuPG 1.0.4-1 + IDEA for Windows

Werner Koch
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 20:59:58 +0100

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Florian Weimer wrote:

> The concept of standard network byte order, as it is used in the
> Internet protocols and provided by htonl() and friends, is patented.
ROTFL. Either we have prior art (one of the early RFCs) or the the patent has expired.
> What about the Schnoor patent and DSA? And the two Hitachi patents?
Okay. Everything today seems to be patented so we better don't write any code anymore but switch our jobs to be patent attorneys :-) The IDEA patent seems to be different, as there are a couple of cases where Ascom actually sued people over using it. So chances in court are not good. Werner -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to