Key usage / Number of keys

Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:06:43 -0000


  I've generated a key pair at home which i use to enc and sign
messages. I keep my trustdb, and seckey ring on write protected floppy
disk, to prevent any other user modifying the contents. Mainly on floppy
to reduce the time its actually available for copying on the computer. I
know there are ways around this, but it makes it a little harder for
people to get access to my secring.

  The question is, i want to sign / enc emails sent from work, should i
generate a new key pair for use just at work, allowing a seperate ID
that would contain my works email as opposed to my home email. Or should
i simply use the home key that i have on floppy disk?

  Problem with the first is now having two keys / trust dbs etc to
maintain, but this does mean i can use a different passphrase, meaning
if the passphrase was captured it would only comprimise my work and not
home keys. (and vice-versa). This is even more true, by the fact that
the works computer will be shared with other users, I have a lot more
control over how and who uses my home computer (aside from really
paranoid ideas of people breaking in to my home computer, which i'm not
worried about, my information isn't that important ;-)

  Problem with the second is the user id will be my home email address
and not my works email, which some people may find strange.

  Does anyone else do something similar to this? Do you have two keys?
or have you found another way around this?


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