Unidentified subject!

Ed Suominen ed@eepatents.com
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 11:25:31 -0700

My apologies for posting incorrect URLs to WinGPG. The correct ones are:

Installation file: ftp://eepatents.com/clients/wingpg-v1-00.exe
ZIP archive for browsing individual files:

I would appreciate any comments (positive and negative alike) from those who
find the installation package (and the enclosed user's guide and passphrase
selection worksheet) useful. Please copy Timo Schulz, the author of WinPT,
at mailto:twoaday@freakmail.de.

Ed Suominen
Registered Patent Agent
Web Site: http://eepatents.com
PGP Public Key: http://eepatents.com/key

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