embedding gpg for pgp compliant mail

Nicholas F. Polys npolys@virtuworlds.com
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 21:44:34 -0000

Howdy all,

does this sound familiar?
web Form -> encryption ->email -> pgp mail front end (mac/pc)

  I am trying to write gpg encrypted data into a mail message for a pgp
It is using a PGP generated public key which is imported and signed.

I am using a public key which encrypts fine when working with local files.
I've come up with a perl script that works similarly to PGPMail/formail:
I open a couple of filehandles and print the temp file's contents into the
body of the mail.

the problem is, even with the same parameter calls, it is ending up writing
in strange characters that are not recognized by pgp or similar to the local
file encryption.

I wonder if i am omitting any body headers or something?
can anyone help?

"|/gpg/location/gpg --output $gpgtmp --cipher-algo
3des --quiet --textmode --recipient $CONFIG{'pgpuserid'} --encrypt

options file (compiled from clemen's thread):

disable-pubkey-algo ELG
disable-cipher-algo blowfish
s2k-cipher-algo cast5
digest-algo sha1
compress-algo 1

thanks and hippy holidays!

all the best,

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