GnuPG 1.0.4-1 + IDEA for Windows

Sun, 24 Dec 2000 08:59:54 GMT

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Hi there, Keith Ray,

On 24 December 2000, I received the following message from you regarding
"GnuPG 1.0.4-1 + IDEA for Windows"


KR> I guess that's why no one has EVER asked for an IDEA capable Windows version?  
KR> I guess there are no Windows users who might want to communicate with PGP 2.6x 
KR> users or use most remailers?

As a Windows user of GnuPG, I use PGP 2.6.3ai to access remailers, as
well as running GnuPG.  The PGP 2.6.3ai keyring contains mainly
remailers (this keeps them off my main keyring).  I use Windows front
ends for both GnuPG and PGP 2.6.3ai, and if GnuPG fails to
decrypt/verify, I use PGP 2.6.3ai.  For convenience, it would be nice
if GnuPG could be used for this purpose, but it would mean importing
my remailer list into my GnuPG keyring, so not much would be saved by
my doing this.

KR> > Do you have a point you're trying to prove? Like, "Screw you for
KR> > making this nice program for me."? "Go to hell, FSF and Werner Koch,
KR> > for having thought through the issues about GnuPG and IDEA much more
KR> > than I have."? I can't really see one.
KR> I am not trying to prove a point.  I merely wish to allow those who want a 
KR> GnuPG+IDEA binary to be able to have one.  I give it away free and provide 
KR> source.  Isn't that the point of Free Software?  If commercial users don't want 
KR> it, they can download the official release.  But for all noncommercial users, 
KR> there is NO reason why they shouldn't be able to have IDEA support.

I agree, but perhaps the way forward is for the Windows version to be
placed on the same level as the Linux version, and the IDEA support
should be an "official" plug-in for non-commercial use only.  Until we
have a fully functional GnuPG with a GUI similar to NAI's, GnuPG is
going to be a Windows backwater...unfortunately.

KR> > There's not some Goliath here that you can play David to, man. Please
KR> > act like an adult and take down your binary.
KR> The no patents clause of the GPL is stupid!  Why can't we provide TWO versions 
KR> and let the users decide which best meets there needs?  The unix users have had 
KR> this choice for some time, why are the Window's users less deserving?  I am not 
KR> taking anything away from Werner or anyone else.
KR> So it's real simple.  Either leave me alone and let the users decide which 
KR> version they want, or force me to stop.  I am not trying to steal anyone's work 
KR> or make money off it.  I am merely adding some much requested functionality.

Again, I agree, but see my comments above.  GnuPG needs to be more
Windows-friendly, and I feel that Windows OS is being supported almost
as an afterthought (I mean no disrespect to Werner here).  First, we
need a GUI that rivals PGP *without* recourse to the command line, as
this will make more Windows users look at the undoubted merits (even
superiority) of GnuPG.  Secondly, we need full keyserver support
through that GUI. Finally, we need IDEA support as an official plug-in,
as with Linux.  Any chance of any of these occurring soon....?

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Written on 24 December 2000 08:38:16
Version: GnuPG v1.0.4-1 (MingW32)
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