Setting up gpg on an IRIX web server
Fri, 04 Feb 2000 19:57:51 +0900

mstevens> The mlock(3) man page on OpenBSD suggests that regular users can lock
mstevens> memory, but only up to a preset quota:

mstevens> -cut-- 
mstevens> Since physical memory is a potentially scarce resource, processes are
mstevens> limited in how much they can lock down.  A single process can mlock
mstevens> the minimum of a system-wide ``wired pages'' limit and the per-process
mstevens> RLIMIT_MEMLOCK resource limit.
mstevens> -cut--

it would be nice for other os-s to support this so usage of setuid can
be avoided.  does anyone know whether there is any work being done to
support this?  (at least for linux?)