Setting up gpg on an IRIX web server
Sat, 05 Feb 2000 01:02:21 +0900

> it would be nice for other os-s to support this so usage of setuid can
> be avoided. does anyone know whether there is any work being done to
> support this? (at least for linux?)
D.M.Pick> FreeBSD has the identical text in the mlock(3) man page. i knew there was a reason i still run freebsd on some machines ;-) so, perhaps netbsd also has the support too. any netbsd users out there? aside: not having looked into it and being completely ignorant about the details this may be way off, but i have to wonder whether this might be a case of unnecessary compliance w/ posix on linux's part. but who am i to say this if there is another approach that will work just as well ;-) i suppose wondering about capabilities in openbsd|freebsd|netbsd is likely to get me into trouble too...