subject line -- to hide or not to hide
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 10:30:20 +0900

thanks to all who responded, i really appreciate the feedback.

i think trying to accomplish this (subject line hiding) via the method
that Sotiris Vassilopoulos <>
suggested (or something similar) would be fine.  

if some people are satisfied w/ blank or bogus subject lines, there is
no reason for them to use the outlined method; for others, i think the
option would be nice -- and further, i suggest that it is actually
much more than just "nice" for folks who have a large number of
messages where their subject lines are obscured, and also in the case
where a significant period of time has elapsed since the sending or
reception of a message w/ a bogus subject line.

as a number of people have mentioned, support in email clients is
important for this type of mechanism to work well from an
interoperability perspective.  that leads me to the next issue which
is: how can existing mail clients be made to support such a scheme?
(well, email clients that support pgp/mime anyway)  perhaps some will
work already as is, and others may need to be modified.

it seems to me that some sort of standard document would be in order.
but, afaik, there isn't a concrete recommended way or standard that
can be looked at by folks who implement mail clients to support this
functionality.  (if there is one already, i would very much like to

is there a recommended way of proceeding to create a rfc for this (or
have it attached to an existing one)?