subject line -- to hide or not to hide
Sat, 12 Feb 2000 02:23:09 +0900

mwood> There you go!  Now instead of forcing MUA maintainers to accept
mwood> a new threading standard, the problem is reduced to forcing
mwood> them to support the one that's already out there.

mwood> This threading discussion should probably go elsewhere....

i don't know if you are jesting, but if not, the discussion doesn't
really have a whole lot to do w/ threading -- it has to do w/
maintaining the confidentiality of the subject line during message
transfer and not losing the convenience of a meaningful subject line
after reception.  you could say it's related to threading, but that is

on a separate list i am participating in a discussion where we are
discussing another proposal.  i don't believe there is a standardized
method of accomplishing what i described earlier yet, but if there is,
i would very much like to know.