PGP/MIME mailers

05 Jan 2000 13:00:56 -0800

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Bader <> writes:
>> Is mutt the only MUA to get that right? PGP/MIME, anyone? Thomas> It think so, but I'm not sure. MEW, an Emacs messaging package, also does PGP/MIME. I think the tm package (a MIME add-on) can also be configured to create PGP/MIME. Despite the "deprecation," the old way seems to be the most portable. Sadly, PGP/MIME doesn't have any built-in backwards compatibility, so it's not very useful for widespread communication. [I've actually seen complaints from Eudora users that their mailer will treat _any_ MIME parts as "attachments" and auto-save them to a defined directory. So PGP/MIME signatures and those annoying v-card things just pile up. Not a good reason not to use PGP/MIME, just a pain in the butt from a widely-used MUA.] ~ESP -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESP <> | | RoR - Alucard ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~