Sign test (was: Netscape GPG)

Lars Hecking
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 12:45:40 +0000

Werner Koch writes:

> On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Lars Hecking wrote:
> > signed mails is that your message was multipart/mixed, and maybe
> Which is correct
> > the list software has problems with that. Or there was some broken
> > MTA in the path.
> This maybe the problem, so we do another test here. The difference
> to Walter's message is that this one is composed using Mutt 1.1 where
> walter used 1.0 and of course it is a DSA key.
> Let's have some Umlaute to force quoted-printable, but I think
> Mutt does this anyway.
Reading with mutt-1.1.1i and gpg-1.0.1, here is gpg's output on your message: [-- PGP output follows (current time: Fri Jan 7 12:42:48 2000) --] gpg: Signature made Fri Jan 07 12:15:58 2000 GMT using DSA key ID 621CC013 gpg: requesting key 621CC013 from ... gpg: key 621CC013: invalid subkey binding gpg: key 621CC013: no valid user IDs gpg: this may be caused by a missing self-signature gpg: Total number processed: 1 gpg: w/o user IDs: 1 gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found [-- End of PGP output --] and this is from mutt's attachment "v"iew 1 <no description> [multipa/mixed, 7bit, 5.1K] 2 |-><no description> [text/plain, quoted, iso-8859-1, 0.6K] 3 `->8bit-in-header.c [text/plain, 7bit, us-ascii, 4.2K] 4 <no description> [applica/pgp-signat, 7bit, 0.2K]