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Not sure if you've had an answer to this but I would recommend
having a look at: - this
offers the solution in some detail.  I'd like to know if M.Roth
has made a proper web-page out of this?  


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> From: Duncan Watson []
> Sent: 09 January 2000 19:47
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> Subject: IDEA/RSA
> Hello,
> I was browsing around and found a reference on adding support
to gpg
> for IDEA and RSA. It pointed to some c files in contrib but
> were no real instructions on what to do with them.
> I have been trying to find out the licensing issues for using
> patented algorithms with gpg and finding out the procedure to
> add this
> support. Also I know there are issues regarding the options
> to support this one installed.
> Can anyone help me? Even a pointer in the correct direction
would be
> a boon.
> Thanks.
> /Duncan
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