Johan Wevers
Sun, 9 Jan 2000 23:39:23 +0100 (MET)

You, Duncan Watson, wrote:

> I was browsing around and found a reference on adding support to gpg
> for IDEA and RSA. It pointed to some c files in contrib but there
> were no real instructions on what to do with them.
Read the source. Below the legal stuff it says: /* How to compile: * gcc -Wall -O2 -shared -fPIC -o idea idea.c */ and place the resulting executables in the gnupg dir. Then add to your options file: load-extension rsa load-extension idea and you're done.
> I have been trying to find out the licensing issues for using these
> patented algorithms
Sorry, details like these bothered me never enough to find that info. I believe that some institute think they can patent IDEA (RSA is only patented in the USA anyway) but I doubt that patent is valid in my country (The Netherlands) anyway. -- ir. J.C.A. Wevers // Physics and science fiction site: // PGP public keys at