Digital alpha binaries

Lars Hecking
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 20:14:49 +0000

gnielson writes:

> Has anyone compiled gnupgp for Digital Unix systems running on digital
> Alpha servers? I have been trying unsuccessfully so far to get
> Mindpsring/Earthlink to compile it on their server to use with a virtual
> host account we have. Any help appreciated.
I have compiled it successfully on Dec Unix 4.0F with gcc 2.95.2. But there are several issues: - I would rather not use gcc on this platform because it's buggy; but compiling with cc fails in ./include/types.h - make check fails in 18 out of 23 tests - there is no mlock() on this platform - I'm using the same ~/.gnupg/entropy socket with egd running on a number of machines. I don't know whether this causes problems. Details available on request. I am very interested to get this working across all systems on our network.