Parsing the output of --list-keys

Tue, 18 Jan 2000 08:29:03 -0800

>What you should do here is RFC822 address parsing. Doing it with r.e.
>is not trivial. However, if this user ID is GnuPG generated it is
>easy to get all three parts:
> 1. part: Collect everything up to (but excluding) the first
> opening parenthesis or the first left angle bracket.
> 2. part: Only if you stopped at a parenthesis, collect everthing up
> to the closing parenthesis. Although it is not yet
> allowed, you might want to keep a counter of opening
> closing parenthesis.
> 3. part: Only if you have a left angle bracket, collect everything
> up to the right angle bracket.
>It should be easy to construct a sed,awk,perl r.e. for this.
If someone does write this, please drop it by my way and I'll add it to the Regex Library: ...Ross...
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