Using GnuPG on shared virtual hosts -

John Woodman
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 15:15:33 -0700

Werner Koch wrote:

> 4k keys will be about 8 times faster and 1k keys will be 2 times
> faster in the next release. It's already in the CVS.
This is great! Is there an expected date for the next release? (Sam Simpson:)
> > I can see no reason that RSA won't be supported in Sept
> > [thus giving an option for faster encryption times], but I
> > don't know of Werners thoughts on this?
(Werner Koch):
> I guess that there will be a new release on Sep 20th ;)
Yeeeee-ha!! Won't complain in event of late release, of course, but I'll definitely keep my eyes open -- the 20th is my birthday!! 8-) Best wishes, John Woodman