A last word on --passphrase-fd

Werner Koch wk@gnupg.org
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 10:52:10 +0100


there was quite a long thread about how to feed the passphrase to gpg
in a shell script.  

What most folks want to do is to take the passphrase from a file and
feed it to gpg.  If you think you gain more security from this than
simply removing the secret key protection entirely from the secret
keyring, you are wrong.  If someone has access to the secret keyring
he will also have access to the file or script which contains the
passphrase.  It does not increase security by requiring an attacker to
look at 2 files on your system.  Make your system immune against all
ways to gain root access and to your account and you are done. 
Because this is not really possible, do at least the best to detect
intrusion and revoke the keys as soon as you have a reason to believe
someone got access to the secret keyring or the passphrase file (if
you still believe this last one is needed).

Doing tricky stuff to feed the passphrase to gpg is futile and only
makes the code more complex and error prone.

There are two scenarios I can see for that --passphrase-fd makes sense:

* You have an interactive program which asks for the passphrase and 
  then feeds it down a pipe to gpg.  And here we don't wont files or 
  any other buffering mechanisms. (see Mutt)

* You have a daemon or a special kernel service which stores that
  passphrase for you in RAM after asking the operator on startup for

Remember, the weakest link determines the overall security: So
1024/128 bit keys are much more than needed on todays networked
operating systems.  There are so many published (and unpublished)
exploits for all OSes - and this not only for MS-Windows but also 
for all Unices; maybe OpenBSD does the best job to avoid them, but
the probability that there are ways to become root on OpenBSD is still
*much* higher than to calculate the DL for a 1024 bit key.

To increase the security you need OSes designed with security in mind
(e.g. EROS, VSTa projects).

Well, these are just my 2 cents,


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